Experience the Difference
  • Sue Rayner
    Sue Rayner

    Sue began her Real Estate career over twenty years ago and established Pulse Realty in 2008. In her first year in the...

  • Graham Rayner
    Graham Rayner
    Director/Property Manager

    Graham Rayner has been involved in Real Estate for several years and is a Director of the company. Having formally...

  • Lisa Cassidy
    Lisa Cassidy
    Business Development & Office Manager

    Lisa Cassidy has been in the Real Estate industry for over 10 years and takes pride in ensuring that our rental...

  • Christine Hutcheon
    Christine Hutcheon
    Licensed Agent

    Thirty years successfully selling real estate is just one point of reference demonstrating Christine's experience and...

  • Sharyn Millar
    Sharyn Millar
    Licensed Agent

    Being a mother of four adult children with eight grandchildren, I am used to juggling many things at once in my...

  • Kylie Phillips
    Kylie Phillips
    Licensed Agent

    My real estate career began in 1999, since then I have achieved great success and won numerous awards from REIWA and...

  • Brian Taaffe
    Brian Taaffe
    Sales Consultant

    Brian came into the Real Estate Business with a wealth of financial knowledge and service orientation obtained from his...

  • Jennifer Gan
    Jennifer Gan
    Sales Consultant

  • Sandy Anderson
    Sandy Anderson
    Sales Consultant

    Sandy is Perth born and hails from a corporate, property and small business background. Armed with a business degree...

  • Nick Cole
    Nick Cole
    Property Manager/Sales Consultant

    Nick has been a Property Manager for several years; he is well versed in the demands and protocols of this industry. ...

  • Dayna Doherty
    Dayna Doherty
    Property Manager

    Dayna is well known for her excellent communication skills and strong work ethic. Equally as imperative, she...

  • Nicola Unkovich
    Nicola Unkovich
    Property Manager

  • Alecia Creighton
    Alecia Creighton
    Sales Support Manager

    Beginning her Real Estate career in Administration, Alecia’s dedicated and enthusiastic approach has seen her...

  • Janette Goldspink
    Janette Goldspink

  • Rebecca Brotherwood
    Rebecca Brotherwood